25 craft beers on tap, hand-crafted cocktails, wine and an elevated bar menu in the DU neighborhood.


That one phrase, in part, sums up the mantra of Asbury Provisions. In a city filled with chef driven restaurants and homogenized bar experiences, there is a real need to return to an imbibing culture operated by people who have a deep understanding of, and love for, bar culture—a return to the kind of place with bartenders who aren’t making their way through college but are lifelong professionals, with a passion for the work they do. These are the bartenders who know and love the libations they serve and relay that enthusiasm to the guest. We are those bartenders. 

But, sadly, man cannot live on drink alone. The menu at Asbury Provisions consists of dishes that help elevate the drinking experience. Furthermore, in keeping with our theme as a provision house, house-made pickled items, dips, and jams are served in small jars as bar fare. In addition to jarred items, a variety of small appetizers, sandwiches and side dishes, with an emphasis on keeping a small eclectic dining menu, are served.

 We can't wait to see you.